Speaker/Author – Richard Lustig

richard lustigLottery Expert: RICHARD LUSTIG SAYS ‘Don’t wait 25 years to win a grand prize’

After all, Richard is very well known at his state lottery office. He’s been there many times to collect checks, including an unmatched 7 Lottery GAME Grand Prizes. After countless people asked Richard to share his winning lottery method, he wrote the book Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery, which details exactly how he does it.

“My family and I are very thankful. Not lucky, but thankful. Luck has nothing to do with it. This is a method that absolutely works,” says Richard.

And how well does Richard’s method work?

b9An Iowa man and his wife pocketed over $9 MILLION after following Richard Lustig’s winning lottery method. A Tampa area couple who followed Richard’s strategy won a lottery game grand prize of over $2 MILLION. Many others have written to Richard telling him about their winnings. Richard’s amazing story has even captured the attention of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, which featured the lottery winner in a newspaper strip.

Richard Lustig has been interviewed on ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS’s Sunday Morning, CNBC, CNN, Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, MSNBC, NBC’s Today Show, and TLC’s The Lottery Changed My Life. Even Bloomberg Television featured Richard’s story and b6tips. A wide variety of radio hosts have interviewed Richard too: including The Jim Bohannon Show, The Black Eagle Joe Madison, and The Peter Schiff Show.

Now Richard has taken things a step further. He has made and continues to make several appearances as a speaker. Talking about how he went from playing the lottery and losing, to having won several hundred thousand dollars in smaller prizes, to seven lottery game grand prizes.


LustigRichard started his career in the 60’s & 70’s touring the country as a singer and drummer. In the 70’s, he became a disc jockey on radio stations, weddings, corporate events, etc. Then in the 80’s he started booking national name acts around the world for fairs, festivals, casinos and more.

At this same time, the lottery began in Florida, where Richard lived. Richard started playing, just like everybody else, in the hopes of winning big money. But, just like everybody else, he was losing more than he was winning.

This is when Richard started working on his winning lottery method. Through trial and error, he started to win regularly. Soon he won his first lottery game grand prize. Then his second, third and fourth…now he knew he had developed a method that really worked.

b5By his fifth win, other people started to also believe he had a winning method. So he printed it out and sold it to people.

After his sixth win, it was time to write a book…so he did. His book “Learn How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery” started selling like crazy.

Then things really took off. Richard won his seventh lottery game grand prize…

Richard Lustig tours the country speaking to people about how he became a 7 time lottery game grand prize winner and gives tips from his book Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery.b3