Alan Frew small

Alan Frew

Alan Frew (al-uh n froo) - Scot. noun: brilliantly comedic storyteller; fiercely passionate multi-platinum singer/songwriter. Synonym: ordinarily…

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Ambrosia small


In the year 1970, four young musicians from the South Bay of Los Angeles, came together to create a new invigorating style of music. Exploring the…

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Blues Image small

Blues Image featuring Mike Pinera of Iron Butterfly & Alice Cooper

An Evening of Smokin' High-Energy Classic Rock Hits! Mike Pinera (of Blues Image, Iron Butterfly & Alice Cooper) and his group BLUES IMAGE were…

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Bootsy small

Bootsy Collins

Bootsy (born William Collins, October 26, 1951, Cincinnati) is one of the all-time great funk and R&B bassists/singer/bandleader. He formed his…

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Coney Hatch small

Coney Hatch

Coney Hatch is a Canadian hard rock band who released 3 albums in the 1980s. Based in Toronto, Ontario, the band consisted of vocalist and guitarist…

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Exlie Juice Newton small

Exile with Juice Newton

Love'n it Tour 2014: Exile and Juice Newton together! Two great country/pop artists... One Show. One Band. One Night. Together they bring…

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Heidi Little small

Heidi Little

Heidi Little has energetically united with a youthful, diverse, and dedicated fan-base throughout all parts of the globe. Since getting her start 15…

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Ju-Taun small


South Jersey. Circa early 90s: Jake and James Evans hang out with a bevy of musicians three times their age as their dad thumps his bass guitar on…

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Kate Todd small

Kate Todd

KATE TODD possesses an affectionately charming & smoky vocal; add this to her cool, conversational lyric; multiply it by her ‘A List’ team of…

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Bay City Rollers small

Les McKeown’s Legendary Bay City Rollers

"Rollermania" remains alive and well more than three decades after the Bay City Rollers took the United States by storm. Lead singer Les McKeown…

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MIC small


M.I.C. has been, is, and always will be, a band on a mission. Since its conception as a Melodic Rock/Punk/Pop outfit in China in 2004, no high or…

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One Ugly Cowboy

One Ugly Cowboy (OUC) was formed and founded in Toronto by powerhouse vocalist JANE SOWERBY and guitarist RICHARD ZWIC. Jane honed her chops…

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Otis Day small

Otis Day & The Knights

Otis, My Man! Ask anyone named Otis. Ask him if he is not routinely hailed as "Otis, my man!" by virtually all who know him. Otis Wilson, Otis…

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RareEarth small

Rare Earth

Rare Earth has been an established name in the music industry for over four decades, ad still performing with the same unique and recognizable sound…

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susan aglukark small

Susan Aglukark

Susan Aglukark is one of Canada’s most unique and most honored artists. An Inuk from Arviat, Nunavut, Susan has been walking in a tension between…

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Irish Decendants small

The Irish Descendants

Since their formation in 1990, The Irish Descendants have garnered a loyal fan base in their native Canada, and captured the attention of an…

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