Countermeasure small

A cappella Show – Countermeasure

Award-winning a cappella that will bring you to your feet! Countermeasure has won worldwide acclaim and sold-out houses in the UK, Canada and US with…

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Arvel Bird small

Arvel Bird

"Braveheart Meets Last of the Mohicans . . . at Woodstock" is a colorful description of this award-winning Celtic Fusion recording artist and his…

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Burlesque-O-Rama small

Burlesque Show – Burlesque-O-Rama

Now we've done it! We've combined our best assets into one naughty production! Burlesque-O-Rama The Production's new addition is a sexy, funny…

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Urbanesque Dolls small

Burlesque Show – The Urbanesque Dolls

An edgy Urban Burlesque group like no other, where lace stays on & imagination takes off… What is Urban Burlesque? It's a new dance genre…

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Al Simmons small

Children / Family Show – Al Simmons

A multiple Juno-award winner as well as Cable Ace and Parents’ Choice award recipient, Al Simmons is a veteran of one-man, multi-prop and costume,…

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Jack Grunsky small

Children / Family Show – Jack Grunsky

Over the past 25 years, Jack Grunsky’s name has become synonymous with excellence in children’s music. His 13 recordings for children have…

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Music With Brian small

Children / Family Show – Music With Brian

Winner of a Parents’ Choice Award in the USA, Brian and his best musical friends Melody the Hippo and Alan the Lion are ready to take the stage…

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Mystic Drumz small

Children / Family Show – Mystic Drumz

Mystic Drumz was started in Toronto Canada almost 20 year ago by Lorne Lampert B.F.A, B.E.D, C.D.O. (Chief Drumming Officer). Their shows are now…

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Sharon and Bram small

Children / Family Show – Sharon & Bram

Since 1978, Sharon Hampson and Bram Morrison have been pre-eminent in all aspects of family entertainment across North America as members of the trio…

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Splash'N Boots small

Children / Family Show – Splash’N Boots

Twice crowned “Canadian Children’s Group of the Year” at the Sirus XM Independent Music Awards, and now appearing daily Treehouse TV,…

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Hellzapoppin small

Circus SideShow Revue – Hellzapoppin

Our touring hell on wheels is the real-deal and makes one hell of a party that has left concert goers spellbound the world over. In addition, we…

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boom town small

Cirque Mechanics – Boom Town

Take a step back to 1865, when mining towns would spring up overnight and people from all walks of life would flock by the dozens: prospectors,…

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CJ McCaroll small

Comedian – C J McCarroll

Baby-boomer aged, CLEAN, comedian/host/emcee with over 12 years GLOBAL experience at corporate/government & private events. C J McCarroll is…

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Ruben Quintana small

Comedian – Ruben Quintana

Ruben Quintana is one of the first comedians to successfully establish Latino stand-up comedy throughout the entertainment industry. His brilliant…

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Wet Spots small

Comedian – The Wet Spots

Picture a husband and wife team from the golden age of comedy. Now picture them singing sweetly about threesomes and taking it in the a**.…

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Tony Molesworth small

Comedian – Tony Molesworth

Tony's diverse talents & wide experience are apparent from the second he appears on stage. A international fool & professional comedy club…

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Andy Gross small

Comedian, Magician and Ventriloquist – Andy Gross

Andy Gross is one of the hottest stand up comic, magician and ventriloquist working today as evidenced by his sold out shows and devoted following!…

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December People small

December People – A Classic Rock Christmas

The Beginning of a New Holiday Tradition These guys have sold millions of records in the other bands they perform with, (The Tubes, Sammy Hagar…

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Enrico small

Enrico Capuano e la Tammurriatarock

This show performs more then 100 concerts every year around the World, including major European music festivals. Acclaimed award-winning…

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Ballagh Bunch small

Fiddling and Stepdancing Family Act – The Ballagh Bunch

The Ballagh Bunch is a group of lively, energetic performers, who put on numerous shows containing Irish, Celtic, Scottish and traditional Canadian…

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Hollywood Melodies small

Hollywood Melodies The Movie Show

Relive great classic films such as Flashdance, Top Gun, Grease, Dirty Dancing, Titanic, Armageddon, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Back to the Future,…

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Fernandez small

Hypnotist & Mentalist – Fernandez

Comedy Hypnotist Fernandez is a one man production show integrating cutting edge multimedia and special effects creating a unique experience of…

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Chris Mabrey small

Hypnotist – Chris Mabrey

Chris was born to Entertain!! At age 9 Chris witnessed his first hypnosis show on tour with his singer/songwriter Dad. He became entranced and…

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JimmyG small

Hypnotist – JimmyG

Your event is our number one priority. From your first phone call to the final curtain call, Corporate Entertainer & Comedy Stage Hypnotist…

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Boris small

Hypnotist – The Incredible Boris

Boris Cherniak is a multiple award winning comedian hypnotist, hypnotherapist, motivational speaker, actor and author. He regularly appears on…

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Tony Lee small

Hypnotist – Tony Lee

If you're looking for crude, nude and rude, we've got it for you! Tony Lee puts on a hilarious and entertaining hypnotism show. Want to know if…

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Chris John small

Impersonator – The Chris John Show

A VOCAL CHAMELEON. Every Chris John show features over 50 different impersonations from an arsenal of more than 400 characters. It's the perfect mix…

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Houston Macpherson small

Impressionist – Houston Macpherson

This fast paced hilarious show brings you over 65 World Class impression’s with a comic theme throughout that will appeal to any age group.…

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Karen Grainger small

Impressionist – Karen Grainger

Ready for a whole bunch of laughs? Then you've found the right person! Karen Grainger is not only a fantastic impersonator, but she also includes…

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Mat Gauthier small

Impressionist – Mat Gauthier

Mat Gauthier is an extremely talented singer, comedian, musician, songwriter, and impressionist, who is making his mark on the world…

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les oiseaux du paradis small

Les Oiseaux Du Paradis

LODP - LES OISEAUX DU PARADIS mesmerized the VIP guests for the GLOBAL 5000 Vision delivery business aircraft from BOMBARDIER to ZEPTAIR. LES…

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Nathaniel Rankin small

Magician & Circus Artist – Nathaniel Rankin

Nathaniel Rankin is an international award winning magician & circus artist. He has studied theatre and contemporary circus at top circus schools…

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Mega Magic small

Magician & Mentalist – Mega Magic

Mike D’Urzo is an international award winning magician & mentalist. As the founder and creative director of Mega Magic, he performs in hundreds…

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Greg Frewin small

Magician – Greg Frewin

Enjoy what over half a million people have already experienced! Explore the mystery and art of illusion with Greg Frewin, the International Grand…

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Mariachi figueroa small

Mariachi Figueroa

MARIACHI FIGUEROA – from Montreal Manuel Figueroa end his brother Jose Luis came to Montreal in 1973 with his father Don José Figueroa, most part…

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Jay Lane small

Medium Jay Lane

Internationally renowned and “Canada’s Rising Star” Psychic Medium, Jay Lane is sought after on a daily basis from her long list of celebrity…

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Mysterion small

Mentalist – Mysterion the Mind Reader

Brace yourself as we journey into the mind-boggling world of this world class mentalist. One of North America's leading mentalist and psychological…

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Guy Bavli small

Mentalist – Guy Bavli

Welcome to Guy Bavli’s World. Guy Bavli, Master of the Mind is an entertainment experience like none other. A renowned performer and…

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Brothers of the Baladi small

Middle Eastern / World Music – Brothers of the Baladi

2008 Grammy-Nominated Middle Eastern / World Music band. This American quartet features traditional Middle Eastern songs, well-chosen cover songs,…

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Pig Racing small

Pig Race/Petting Zoo – Ken Jen Zoo

Celebrity Racing Pigs With music and two feather friends during the pre-show that leads the audience into our Hillbilly Show. The swinemaster is…

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Revolution small


Revolution is a stage show experience designed with ladies in mind; strip tease artistry at its finest. The members of Revolution were selected to…

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Rhythm of Rajasthan small

Rhythm of Rajasthan

Rhythm of Rajasthan is a well know world music and dance group of Rajasthan, INDIA. In '2009 and '2011 Rhythm of Rajasthan met with rave reviews on…

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Rio Carnival small

Rio Carnival

The Rio Carnival is a 100% Brazilian based performance, totally unique in its genre with an energy and artistic display rarely seen in the arts.…

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Andy LoRusso small

Singing Chef – Andy LoRusso


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Richard Lustig small

Speaker/Author – Richard Lustig

Lottery Expert: RICHARD LUSTIG SAYS ‘Don’t wait 25 years to win a grand prize’ After all, Richard is very well known at his state lottery…

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Amazing Christopher small

The Amazing Christopher

Christopher is the most sought after visual variety performer in the entertainment business today, doing no less than 150 appearances a year, from…

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Gypsy small

The Gypsy (ROMA) Flame Show Band

The band members are violinist Lesya Alexander, singer/guitarist Yan Loren, singer/dancer Tanya Granovski and bandleader/accordionist Paul Mathew.…

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Tropicana Queens small

Tropicana Queens

Brazilian Samba Dancers As one of our most popular acts, Samba brings the sights and sounds of steamy Brazil to your event. This lively, rhythmical…

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Mark Crocker small

Ventriloquist – Mark Crocker

Mark Crocker has become internationally recognized as one of best ventriloquists audiences have ever seen! With his feet planted firmly in the…

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Women of Ireland small

Women of Ireland

Experience the talents of some of Ireland’s finest female performers….the ‘Women of Ireland’. “Women of Ireland” is an innovative and…

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