Barry White – Jourdan Carroll

Jourdan Caroll 1Affectionately known by his friends and fans as Big Daddy Boo Bear, Jourdan Carroll was born February 14, 1965 in York, Pennsylvania. As a young man, Jourdan always had the ability to sing and started developing his voice and working on his vocal range. His professional singing career started in small clubs and even developed his own stage show. His unmistakable resemblance to the legendary Barry White got Jourdan started as a tribute artist and his distinctive bass voice made it easy for him to master the singing impersonation of the legendary 70’s pop star.

Today, Jourdan Carroll resides in Michigan and continues to perform throughout the United States with his tribute to Barry White. As a regular with Legends In Concert, Jourdan delights audiences with his voice, charisma and stage presence. His performances are often the most popular segment of the show as the domestic and international popularity of Barry White continues to grow.

big_daddy-aIn addition to his musical talents, Jourdan is also a fashion designer and has developed his own line of contemporary male clothing. His many hobbies include bodybuilding and freehand art, but his first love and passion still remains in his music.

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