Burlesque Show – Burlesque-O-Rama

Burlesque-O-Rama1Now we’ve done it! We’ve combined our best assets into one naughty production! Burlesque-O-Rama

The Production’s new addition is a sexy, funny musical revue featuring beautiful Classic Burlesque Artists.

Burlesque-O-Rama is also an evening of humor and music, hosted by comedian Milton Burlesque and Cher.

Backed by a Hot Jazz Trio, the show rocks from top to bottom. Whether your audience likes it hot or not, we can set the thermostat of this show to any temperature…

More comedy? Less clothes? It’s up to you.

The show is hosted by “Milton Burlesque” and “Cher” and is a tribute to classic Burlesque theatre. The video is edited to the song “Sweet Old Fashioned Girl” by Teresa Brewer — and all these dancers are nothing if they’re not sweet!