Burlesque Show – The Urbanesque Dolls

Urbanesque Dolls 1An edgy Urban Burlesque group like no other, where lace stays on & imagination takes off…

What is Urban Burlesque? It’s a new dance genre which was made popular by the Pussycat Dolls which has elements of hip hop fused with the classic grace of burlesque yet it’s not traditionally one or the other. It takes class and skill to captivate an audience without the need for nudity which has become so cliche! Instead it takes imagination to another level and ignites the senses through a visual cocktail of raw talent and redefines sexy! Welcome to Urban Burlesque, a category all it’s own, introducing THE URBANESQUE DOLLS!!!

Song List

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I Hate This Part
Big Spender
Tainted Love
Don’t Cha
A Man’s World
When I Grow Up