Celine Dion – Elisa

Elisa 1With a list of additional credits that include MTV video dancer, ​tv and film ​actress, radio jingle artist, ​v​oice coach to the Stars, slot machine vocals and television and film music composer, Elisa has been dominating the Tribute market as the Number 1 Celine for the past 13 years and going strong.

With a magnetic stage presence and gorgeous, custom made Celine recreated costumes, Elisa sails her way through Celine’s greatest hits with such ease that most people swear she is lip-synching. We can assure you, she is 100 percent live!

What to expect from Elisa’s tribute? Elisa as miss Celine Dion, singing and performing in her unique poses and positions, executing Celine’s facial expressions, her unique voice and french accent, wearing her replicated costumes and of course the icing on the cake, the identical ​but all live​ singing voice .

From full concerts to ​surprising a bride or groom ​by singing a song or two ​at a glamorous wedding or reception, Elisa’s ability to bring joy and exceptional A list quality entertainment is unparalleled.

• Was a Las Vegas showgirl on the strip
• have performed for the King and Queen of Malaysia
• was ​also​ ​a singing ​Vegas headliner for 17 years​
• have written and performed a duet with Jonathan Cain from Journey
• can be heard on the Footloose Casino slot machines around the world
• and can be seen on Sheryl Crow’s latest video​
• ​can be heard on dozens of commercials and even a tv theme song​
• can be heard in over 5000 tv shows and five feature films
• and now currently ​guest entertaining on Royal Caribbean

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