Deep Purple – DEEPinPURPLE

DEEPinPURPLE 1From 1972-75 Deep Purple’s – Mark II & III era sold out world wide shows and had charted more hits at one time in Billboard than Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and The WHO. Their ground breaking LIVE album ‘Made in Japan’ is still one of the top selling LIVE albums to date. Then there is the “riff” from the legendary song that has been the starting point for every guitar hero and player today …’Smoke on the Water’.

‘DEEPinPURPLE’… brings five pro international musicians and Deep Purple aficionados together to fulltime tribute and celebrate the music and stage show of one of rocks most influential and legendary rock bands in history.

DEEPinPURPLE brings audiences around the globe the same solid formula, influences, style with a truthful representation that originally fueled this legendary band. Blackmore, Lord, Gillan/Coverdale, Paice, Glover. Extreme detail to stage gear is period accurate for every situation dynamically that Deep Purple themselves played. Clubs, live television appearances, to arenas.

DEEP in PURPLE… Is America’s Best and rocks an uncompromising improvisational LIVE 2 1/2 hour show to fans old and new, telling this amazing story musically and visually in a powerful showcase, that highlights a space in time during the most explosive time period in rock n roll. Other than DEEP PURPLE themselves, there is no substitute.

Song List

Highway StarDEEPinPURPLE 2
Smoke on the Water
Space Truck’n
Woman from Tokyo
Strange Kind of Woman
Black Night
Perfect Strangers
Knock’n at Your Back Door
Child in Time
Pictures from Home
Maybe I’m a Leo
Wring that Neck
Mandrake Root
No No No
Demons Eye
Speed King
Never Before
Lady Double Dealer
You Fool No One
Lay Down Stay Down
Might Just Take Your Life
The Mule (with Ian Paice signature drum solo)DEEPinPURPLE 3

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