Enrico Capuano e la Tammurriatarock

Enrico Capuano e la Tammurriatarock 1

This show performs more then 100 concerts every year around the World, including major European music festivals. Acclaimed award-winning rock-folk-swing band Enrico Capuano e la Tammurriatarock (more easily referred to as T-Rock) recently returned back to do their 3rd US-Canada Tour. T-Rock’s wild rhythms mix Gypsy (Roma) jazz of the Django Reinhardt-Stephane Grappelli class with rock (a la Jethro Tull), Celtic, and Italian tarantella folk roots brings an intoxicating fresh combination of sounds.

The band incorporates minor-key accordion, a special violin with distortion and guitar effects in a typical concert. T-Rock dishes out irresistible dance rhythms from such Italian roots as Saltarello, Pizzica, and Tarantella (to say nothing of a creative reworking of “Funiculi Funicula,” well-known even to Grateful Dead fans), in addition to ska, Celtic, and Latin influences, all performed with rock aplomb.