Foo Fighters – Faux Fighters

Faux Fighters 1What started out as a double-take has morphed into a band!! A few years ago I was sitting in a restaurant in Tempe Arizona when a group of kids came up to my friends and me and asked for my autograph! I looked a bit perplexed…One in particular asked if I was Dave Grohl?! I chuckled and was taken a back when they all said we won’t tell anyone, we just want to take a photo with you!! I had to tell them that I wasn’t Dave and I thanked them very much, but they were having nothing to do with that! They truly believed I was the King of Foo, Dave himself!! Well, a year later I was sitting at Magnatron Studios in San Diego there for a engineering gig when a group of individuals did the exact same thing. They all said I looked just like Dave Grohl and I should start a tribute band right away…Well, forward two years later and many gigs and many fun times and friends…and here we are playing what we feel to be ultimately the most authentic Foo Fighters tribute band ever!

The band places its heart in San Diego but they all like to say the road is their true home! They have been quoted as saying they will play anywhere any time if the situation is right!! The band consists of what would be more of what the Foo Fighters are today on tour!!

As far what lies ahead, only the future will tell. No matter what, you will be seeing the Faux Fighters playing a venue near you real soon!!

Faux Fighters 4 Faux Fighters 5