Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons – Jersey Seasons

jersey-seasonsRecently, the Broadway musical Jersey Boys became an international hit and brought attention to the hits from the 1960s especially The Four Seasons.

Twenty two year old Gavan Rousseau expresses the vocal quality of a young Frankie Valli that is reminiscent of his appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in 1962. Close your eyes and it’s Frankie Valli.

Backed by the fabulous Gem Tones and incorporating the look, instrumentation, and harmonies of the original Four Seasons, this group will bring back memories and songs like Sherry Baby, Walk Like a Man, Dawn, Rag Doll and Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You with ease and the nostalgic flair of those years gone by.

All of the instrumentation and vocal harmonies are performed LIVE and with no aid of tracks.

Song List 

jersey-seasons-2Oh What A Night
Big Girls Don’t Cry
Rag Doll
Let’s Hang On
Tell It To The Rain
Save It For Me
Who Loves You
Opus (Don’t Worry About Me)
My Eyes Adored You
Candy Girl
Workin’ My Way Back To You
Swearin’ To God
Bye Bye Baby
Walk Like A Man


“Beach Party Boys, Frankie Valli and American Graffiti, were superb. Fernando, crooned them to a frenzy with his Frankie Valli tribute. A lot of people said, if you close your eyes you would think it was the real Frankie Valli. The Beach Party Boy set and the American Graffiti set were exceptional and the dance floor was packed from beginning to end. The 2-3 encores said it all. Everyone loved them and all the comments that I received was hire them for next year. The entire band was very amiable and from the heart, sincere, and you could tell that they love playing in front of appreciative crowds. 10/10 rating” – Harry Gerstheimer, Co-Chair and Corporate Sponsorship, “TAY” Canada Day Committee