Genesis – The Musical Box

The Musical Box 1Fall 1972, the English rock group Genesis began a new tour to promote their fourth album,FOXTROT. At the beginning of 1973, the show had dramatically improved. The audiences had a first taste of the creativity and awesome stage presence that would be attributed to Genesis in the years to come.

The original concert was the first step in Genesis’ artistic process that would combine both music and theatre. With not much means and without radio and television support, Genesis had created a unique “universe” all their own. The cover of the “Genesis Live” album witnessed the dramatic atmosphere created by these very simple elements. Visual aspects aside, the main interest of the FOXTROT tour became the fact that a good portion of the songs on the set list were played live for the last time by Genesis.

“I saw them in Bristol with my children so they could see what their father did back then” - Peter Gabriel

“They’re not a tribute band, they have taken a period and are faithfully reproducing it in the sam way that someone would bo a theatrical production” - Phil Collins

The Musical Box 2The Musical Box is undertaking the reproduction of the original concert in painstaking detail to give people an illusion of being at the actual Genesis show. The visual reconstruction of the show was based on photos and slides of the original concerts, as well as articles from papers and magazines and information offered by numerous people who either worked on or attended the original Foxtrot tour. Couple that with the outstanding artistry and musicianship associated with The Musical Box and the audience is flawlessly transported back in time.

A unique chance to relive an historical event…

NOTE: The Musical Box performs Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, the first track on the album Selling England By The Pound, released by Genesis in 1973. Taking their name from the 1971 track of the same name, they formed in Montreal in 1993. Genesis helped The Musical Box greatly with this show staging by given them copies of the 1,200 original slides.The Musical Box 3

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