Gypsy Kings – The Royal Gypsies

Royal Gypsies 1The ROYAL GYPSIES is a Toronto ensemble of 4 musicians originally from South America. They bring the joyful and progressive sounds of Flamenco and Latin music as a Gypsy Kings Tribute band.

These seasoned artists have toured extensively, nationally and internationally with other bands and now have come together to be a part of this exciting project.

Alvaro Oyarce, the musical director, begin studying Flamenco singing 15 years ago with the academy of Carmen Romero, Toronto’s most well know Bailaora (Flamenco dancer). Since then, Alvaro has performed with and produced Flamenco oriented albums for; Gitano, Roger Scannura and Aram Moosakhanian. It was only a few summers ago that Alvaro put together this group, then Ojos Negros. They performed Latin and Flamenco music as a part of Pedestrian Sundays in Toronto’s Kensington Market all summer long. Then, last summer Ojos Negros was invited to performed at the Miss Canada event and got a great review from the audience. Now, as The ROYAL GYPSIES, they deliver a wide variety of Gypsy Kings repertoire full of high energy and passion. This band is also available in a bigger format (more guitars and a drummer) or instrumental.

Other musicians in the band are; Daniel Mansilla, Latin Percussionist (I Mother Earth, Memo Acevedo, Hurakan) Jose Turizo, Spanish Guitar and Vocals (Wayove, SalsaAfirka, Claudia Santilli) Jerry Quijada, Spanish Guitar and Vocals (Gitano, Bongo Gypsy).

Royal Gypsies 2Song List

La Quiero
Bem Bem Maria
Gitano Soy
Baila Baila
Un amor
Vamos a Bailar
A mi manera (My way)
Hotel California
and many more…