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Heart – Just Heart

Lets Relive Hearts glory year’s right from their very first album and up to the late 90s!, lets bring back HEART’S classic # 1 radio hits.  With this dynamic look alike and sound alike show wow! its full Tilt Rock’n Roll that made HEART truly famous all the way.

Valerie Shearman and Catherine HULL put on a fantastic show, they always  leave their  audiences  wanting more! and more oh and more!! Lets not miss out on seeing this fully costumed and choreographed show. A true Tribute to the amazing songs written by Ann and Nancy Wilson.   

Since 2014
(Just Heart) has had great success touring throughout the Province, they have been touring into the U.S, in Casinos, Stadiums, Resorts and Clubs weddings as well.   Some of Just Hearts favorite performances include those in Toronto, Niagara Falls and they really rocked it up at Pembroke, Sudbury, Cochrane, Aurora, Hamilton, Fort Erie, Burlington, Oshawa and many more also in the USA Detroit, Pennsylvania, Mississippi. New York City.

Just Heart has endured!! And along the way with 5 of Ontario’s most seasoned musical artists. Just Heart has proven to definitely have staying power!! and will be taking the show to new heights. Valerie says “The tribute business is bigger and even better than ever before, after the pandemic we have resumed our shows with all safe protocol with our musicians we all have our Vaccinations and clear to rock!!”

Our goal is only to entertain with a performance that captivates its audiences and makes shows interactive with a sing along especially with the love songs Heart performed so well. All Memorable Heart songs that were released through the years to Radio and they had so many of them.

Just Heart has been featured on many television programs like CHCH morning show and have been interviewed numerous radio stations…

Valerie and Catherine have performed live on radio shows including, My-FM, Chip FM 94.9 FM Radio and ROCK 95. Al with Joynes Discovery show and the Being Frank Show on CHCH TV and City TV

Valerie Shearman plays Ann Wilson, Valerie is a professional singer and songwriter in her own right, Valerie today carries over 20 years’ experience in the music industry.

Valerie has an extensive working history, she has worked for companies that include Records, Precision Music, AHEAD MUSIC Canada, Q107fm Radio  A&M Records Canada  & Jazz FM Radio in Toronto.

Valerie Shearman, The lead vocalist and Matriarch of the group” that covers Ann Wilson, with her powerful voice brings out the intensity of the lyric within the song. Audience goers that see the show say it’s mesmerizing and beautiful to listen to. Valerie says”  “Sometimes the audience sings louder than the band” it makes me so happy!  They love these songs as much as we do!!

Catherine Hull plays Nancy Wilson, Catherine has been on many TV shows as a seasoned Guitar player and has been a featured player in many all Female shows, not only is she beautiful she has grace and a flow just like Nancy Wilson and plays THAT roll to a “T’

Song List

Who Will You Run To
Kick It Out
Nothing At All
What About Love
Little Queen
These’s The Girl
Wild Child
You’re The Voice
Straight On
Tell It Like It Is
Even It Up
These Dreams
Dreamboat Annie
Crazy On You
All I Wanna Do
Magic Man
Rock And Roll

“OMG!!! Your voice is Golden Valerie just Amazing!!! You relive the years of HEART’S music!!! Way to…go!”
– Roger Fisher, former lead guitarist of the original HEART band

“Just HEART is one of the Best Tributes that we have ever booked here before…We loved singing all those memorable songs”
– Rob Lanteigne, Overtime Sports Venue, Kingston, Ontario

“Wow your show is just fabulous!! Just Hearts is exciting and always something new…second year here at the CNE and Back 2020”
– Danielle Bourre, Director of Entertainment, Canadian National Exhibition

“Best show we have seen for a while thanks for coming Just Heart”
– Terry Muir, Entertainment Director, Cornwall

“Extremely professional show! All the costume changes were very colorful we loved every minute of the show! Bravo!!”
– Island View Casino, Gulfport, Mississippi

“Sounds just like the real Heart can’t tell the difference, fabulous show”
– Steve Gaudet, Promoter, Nova Scotia

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