Huey Lewis and the News – Back in Time

Back in Time 1“BACK IN TIME” is comprised of very talented and seasoned musicians. Each member brings their own musical background to the band. The band members are no strangers to the tribute scene. Many of the musicians have been part of many popular Long Island Tributes over the years and have decided to come together to create a brand new and exciting project – “Back in Time”

Huey Lewis and the News had a run of hit singles during the 1980s and early 1990s. The Long Island based – “BACK IN TIME” Huey Lewis and the News tribute band captures the pure energy, excitement and great stage performance

You will hear all the Hits and much more…

The music is high energy and filled with emotion – you will not be disappointed !!!

“BACK IN TIME” is a tribute band to “Huey Lewis and the News” music and is a tribute show. “BACK IN TIME” is NOT affiliated with the band “Huey Lewis and the News”, former/current members or past or present record labels. ALL References LOGOS, Titles Referring To “Huey Lewis and the News” Remain The Intellectual Property Of The Original Copyright Holders And Are Being Used Strictly For Tribute Band Purposes

Back in Time 2Song List

Heart and Soul
Heart of Rock and Roll
Working for a Livin’
Doin’t It (All for My Baby)
I Need a New Drug
Back in Time
The Power of Love
Do You Believe in Love
If this is It
Hip to be Square
Stuck on You
Walking on a Thin Line
Hit Me Like A Hammer
Jacobs Ladder
I Know What I Like
Perfect World
Couple Days Off
Bad is Bad
Buts It’s Alright
The Boys are Back in Town (Huey Version)
Some Kind of Wonderful (Huey Version)
and many more…Back in Time 3

Back in Time 4

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