Hypnotist – Asad Mecci

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When he isn’t performing in top resorts and corporations world wide, Asad spends half of his time in Carnival’s multi-million dollar state of the art theaters onboard any one of the 26 ships that traverse the Caribbean.

Each theatre hold upwards of 1300 spectators and when Mecci takes the stage the energy from the crowd is explosive and absolutely electric. Carnival is known for providing first class entertainment and Mecci has the honor and prestige of being the only Canadian Variety fly-on act under contract with the cruise giant.

Media Credits:
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Here are some reviews of Asad’s comedy hypnosis show HYPNOHYPE:
“Blew my mind” - Entertainment Tonight
“Confused and amazed” - MTV
“Dazed and abused” - Maxim Magazine
“International Talent” -New York Times
“The audience was in tears from laughter” - Carnival Cruise Lines

Asad Mecci 2

Asad Mecci 3

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