Hypnotist – Chris Mabrey

Chris Mabrey 1

Chris was born to Entertain!! At age 9 Chris witnessed his first hypnosis show on tour with his singer/songwriter Dad.

He became entranced and dedicated himself to learn all the ins and outs of hypnosis not knowing then but Chris found his true calling in life!

Chris Mabrey 2Being around hypnosis since 1995 and being trained by a world renowned hypnotist. Chris has learned every aspect of the industry from Setup, Safety, to Showmanship! Chris has become a Master Hypnotist, with all necessary credentials and more. Through this destined events Chris has built one Hilarious hypnosis shows that is also known as one of THE MOST ENTERTAINING, AMUSING, HYSTERICAL SHOWS IN THE COUNTRY!! He has traveled the country working all type of events. From Fairs, Special Events, Sober Grad Nights, Corporate Events, Cruises, Theme Parks, Fund raisers, and Private Functions. The show is based on a crowd pleasing, Hilarious, Good Time, Family Show. From Coast to Coast Chris is using his incredible stage presence, witty style and experience to captivate audiences and creates memorable experiences!! Chris Mabrey 3Chris Mabrey 4