Kool & the Gang – Hollywood Swinging

Hollywood Swinging 1Hollywood Swinging, the ultimate tribute to the super group Kool & The Gang.
They will bring the party hits of Kool & The Gang from the 70’s thru the 80’s.
Hollywood Swinging will combine the excitement of a live show with a super charged dance party to remember!

From the early 1970’s thru the mid 1980’s. Here’s a little about the group Kool & the Gang…Kool & the Gang first hit the US Billboard R&B chart with the release of their debut eponymous album. Several top 10 hits, with 1973’s Wild and Peaceful breaking into the mainstream with “Funky Stuff”, “Jungle Boogie” and “Hollywood Swinging”. “Jungle Boogie” and “Hollywood Swinging” both sold over one million copies, and each was awarded a gold disc by the RIAA.

Kool & the Gang’s 1974 album Light of Worlds and 1975 album Spirit of the Boogie as the greatest achievements of the band, with the 1975 single “Summer Madness” gaining much attention.  The late 1970s saw a lull in Kool & the Gang’s output except for the album Open Sesame, which yielded the title track “Open Sesame”, achieving some success as part of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack and winning a Grammy Award. Then the group made a huge comeback, starting with 1979’s Ladies’ Night. Their number one hit in 1980s “Celebration” was from Celebrate!, co-produced by Eumir Deodato. More international hits followed in the early 1980s, including “Big Fun”, “Get Down on It”, and “Joanna”. Their 1984 album Emergency yielded four top-20 pop hits, including “Fresh” and “Cherish”. Kool & the Gangs crossover and national appeal was highlighted in 2014 when they were chosen to open for Van Halens US tour. Then later that year embarked on a European tour of their own.

When you hear the music of Kool & the Gang performed by Hollywood Swinging you have to get outta your seat and move your feet guaranteed!!!

Song List

Hollywood Swinging 2Celebration
Jungle Boogie
Ladies Night
Hollywood Swinging
Get Down On It
Summer Madness
Funky Stuff
Too Hot
Let’s Go Dancin’ Ohh La La La
Take My Heart (You Can Have It)
Open Sesame
Steppin out
Jones vs. Jones
Let the music take your mind
Higher Plane
Rhyme Time People
Kool & The Gang
Love The Life You Live
The Gangs Back Again
Spirt of The Boogie
Caribbean Festival
Love & Understanding

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