League Of Rock – Interactive Music Experiences

League of RockThe League Of Rock is known world wide for it’s incredible Team Building Events and One-Of-A-Kind Company Music Leagues. Every time we produce an event, our Clients say “It’s the best Team Building Event they’ve ever had”. If you want to use music to improve collaboration, engage staff, engineer relationships, improve communication or bring groups of people together just to have some fun outside the office environment, you have to book The League Of Rock… The journey you’ll take together, will be the best experience your staff will ever have.

Music Team Building Events
Jumpstart creativity & collaboration. Get a direct line to your staff while they’re at work and at play, with music-based team building events, rewards, and incentives programs. Get your team truly connected by combining the universal language of music with the excitement of rock‘n’ roll! Too often traditional team building events favour athletes or heavy thinkers. The league of rock provides visceral and cerebral experiences everyone can excel at. There’s a place for everyone in the league of rock.

The League Of Rock has been operating for over a decade. For those in the know, it’s the best music experience in the country. There are two ways in which companies use the programs.

1. Team Building Events
This program works great for small to large groups. 15 people up to 400. The League Of Rock All-Star Band anchors the event. In this event regular folks get the rare chance to write songs with triple A touring musicians, and they get to perform live on stage with a great band. Events run from 90 minutes to 3 hours, so we can fit into almost any event schedule. As long as there’s a plug, we can execute the program. We’ve done this from Toronto, to Hawaii and all over Canada and the US.

2. Corporate Music Leagues
For ten years The League Of Rock has been running music leagues in multiple cities. It’s kind of like a reality series without the cameras. Strangers join a Ten Week Session, get put into bands with strangers, learn from touring pro musicians, record in week nine and perform live in front of a big audience in week ten.

Companies hire the League Of Rock to run turnkey Music Leagues inside their organization. We find all the hidden musicians in an organization, build bands run them through our ten week circuit and produce big fund raising concerts at Sessions End, ten weeks later.

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