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Led Zeppelin – The Songs Remain The Same

Throughout the years, many bands have tried to imitate Zeppelin’s genius but their sound and thunder has never been rivaled. The production of The Songs Remain The Same was founded on a belief that only through the understanding and the appreciation of Led Zeppelin could you preserve the integrity of the music and do justice to the band’s phenomenal legacy.

The Songs Remain The Same is a performance that is dedicated to doing justice to the majesty of Led Zeppelin’s musical masterpieces performed live just as they were recorded in the studio, recreated note by note.

The Songs Remain The Same’s unparallelled delivery on the concert stage of the best musical moments of all the classic Led Zeppelin songs is not something to be missed. Combined with projected wide scale imagery, all the classic studio album versions of all the greatest Led Zeppelin songs are delivered note for note with all the detailed arrangements that were so skillfully crafted and loved by millions of fans worldwide.

The Songs Remain The Same is comprised of some heavily experienced and very talented musicians whom have worked all across North America and overseas.  Lead vocals and harmonica performed by Nino Pastre, Adam Rawski on lead guitar, on keyboards and 2nd guitar with backing vocals is Andrew Sansone, on bass guitar and backing vocals is Doug Barlett and on drums and backing vocals is Dan Russell.

The Songs Remain The Same2

Song List

Misty Mountain Hop
Dyer Maker
Good Times Bad Times
The Ocean
Communication Breakdown
Rock and Roll
Dancin Days
The Immigrant Song
Moby Dick
I’m Gonna Crawl
All of My Love
What Is and What Should Never Be
Since I’ve Been Loving You
When The Levee Breaks
Whole Lotta Love
Black Dog
Stairway To Heaven
Thank You
Living Loving Maid
Bring It On Home
Dazed and Confused
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
Custard Pie
Trampled Underfoot
The Rover
Ten Years Gone

“I saw you guys in the hopes of getting as close to Zep as I could (not born when they were still together). You guys rocked, I could have swore it was the real thing. “
– Heartbreaker (from online Guestbook)

“The show was very convincing – and I’ve seen Led Zeppelin quite a number of times! The whole thing was very tight – and yes your singer really does nail the whole sound! My daughter, who is a big Zep fan, was working that night and when I picked her up after work she was none too pleased that I didn’t take her. She knew all about you guys and that you were playing. I liked the crowd – lots of young fans too which I think is pretty interesting and says a lot about the music. I first saw Led Zeppelin as an obscure (soon to be cult) band – in a small club actually – and of course at the time they were very different from Herman’s Hermits and the rest!”
– Paul Butler (ex-Kim Mitchell guitarist)

“Great site, great sound and great show. Your reputation precedes you and you’ll have a following on the East Coast long before you get here. Looking forward to it as I’m sure are many others!”
– Auntie Social

“Fantastic sound, excellent presentation, I predict great things for the boys. Keep on Rockin’.”
– Merlin8tor (from online Guestbook)

“I heard of you guys and I am a big Led Zeppelin fan. I’ve never heard another band replica the original band so well. Good luck in your future”
– Brenda

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