Linda Ronstadt – Mary Newland and The Blue Bayou Band

Mary Newland and The Blue Bayou Band 1The 1970’s was a culturally phenomenal time in music history. Along with the great bands and the memorable music which became the fabric of our lives, among female vocalists no one was more iconic than Linda Ronstadt. The Blue Bayou Band brings back songs from the catalogue which launched Linda Ronstadt, and many others, into music history and were etched into our memories where they still reside today.

Mary Newland and her Musical Director, Richard Baker have assembled a top flight band of musicians who all feel the same way about this material and are eager to share it with anyone who longs to revisit a great era in music. Along the way, they also hope to bring a new experience to some who may not have known these great songs. An experience which will undoubtedly stay with them for some time to come.

The Blue Bayou Band show highlights some of the notable tunes sung by Linda, and other artists from the era, and showcases a wonderful musical tapestry including traditional country, pop, and rock in ballad form as well as mid to up tempo.

A seasoned performer and vocalist, Mary Newland has been actively involved in the music industry in various capacities. Aside from her own live performances, Mary has enjoyed a career as a back vocalist for major recording artists such as The Beach Boys, Charo, Saga, Beth Hart, as well as within the TV and film industry.

Mary Newland and The Blue Bayou Band 2Richard Baker was a band member with music icons Gino Vannelli, Santana, Gary Wright, Leo Sawyer, and Saga. He wrote, co-produced and performed on over 100 albums, many of which are gold and platinum. Richard is the Musical Director of the Blue Bayou Band.

Some of the songs included in the show are: Different Drum, That’ll Be The Day, You’re No Good, Blue Bayou, It’s So Easy, Poor Poor Pitiful Me, Love Has No Pride, Heat Wave, When Will I Be Love, and Desperado.

Song List

Mary Newland and The Blue Bayou Band 4That’ll Be The Day
It Doesnt Matter Anymore
Youre No Good
Long Long Time
Someone To Lay Down Beside Me
Many Rivers To Cross
Tracks Of My Tears
Different Drum
Hard Times Come Again No More
Faithless Love
When Will I Be Loved
Lose Again
Love Has No Pride
Poor Poor Pitiful Me
Old Paint
Prisoner In Disguise
Its So Easy
Blue Bayou
Silver Threads And Golden Needles
Lo Siento Mi VidaMary Newland and The Blue Bayou Band 3

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