Lynyrd Skynyrd – Saturday Night Special

SaturdayNightSpecial 1With the sound and essence of the seventies’ quintessential southern rock band – Lynyrd Skynyrd, SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL is a serious fusion of seasoned musicians who love to lay it down.

Saturday Night Special is made up of talented, passionate musicians dedicated to keeping the Southern 70’s sound of Lynyrd Skynyrd alive. A must see if you like honky tonk rock and roll with a southern rock growl.

Elliot Lake Uranium Festival Saturday Night Special 2018Saturday Night Special founder suggests, “Get out your bell bottoms and dust off your boots if you’re coming to our show!” Covering Lynyrd Skynyrd hits like Sweet Home Alabama, Gimme Three Steps, Free Bird, That Smell, Tuesday’s Gone, Saturday Night Special, of course, and many more. SNS plays mostly open-air festival venues and has opened up for headliners such as Harlequin, David Wilcox and Finger Eleven.

This group has been hand selected from a great “Northern Ontario” talent pool. Each and every member brings a certain uniqueness and authenticity the table as well a great life to their role in this stage show.

“This is not my band…. This a show band”, say’s Saturday Night Special’s Founder/Manager/ Musician. We play most of the “Old School” material from the 1976 tour before the tragic plane crash.

Ready to entertain with hits that classic rock lovers know well, Lynyrd Skynyrd fans will not be disappointed.

Elliot Lake Uranium Festival Saturday Night Special 2018Song List

Workin’ For MCA
I Ain’t the One
Gimme Three Steps
Double Trouble
Needle and the Spoon
Simple Man
Don’t Ask Me No Questions
Cry for the Badman
Swamp Music
I Know a Little
Poison Whiskey
Saturday Night Special
Whiskey Rock a Roller
Gimme Me Back my Bullets
You Got That Right
Travellin’ Man
Tuesday’s Gone
Sweet Home Alabama
What’s Your Name
That Smell The Breeze

Elliot Lake Uranium Festival Saturday Night Special 2018