Nickelback – Nickelbach

Nickelback Special Announcement And Live Performance

Come experience the sounds of the best band in the past 10 years, Nickelback.
All the killer vocals, crunching guitars and numerous hits that make up the sounds of Canada’s most successful band.
Nickelbach really captures the energy and essence of a live Nickelback show. Nickelbach draws from all the monster hits and some deep album tracks as well.

Featuring members of Bon Jovi Forever, Songs Remain the Same, and Buckethead from GNFNR.
Out with the old and in with the new.

Song List

Nickelbach 2Never Again
How You Remind Me
Woke Up This Morning
Too Bad
Figured You Out
Feeling’ Way Too Damn Good
Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting
Because Of You
Fight For All The Wrong Reasons
Far Away
Side Of A Bullet
If Everyone Cared
Someone That Your With
Savin’ Me
Something In Your Mouth
Burn It To The Ground
Gotta Be Somebody
I’d Come For You
Never Gonna Be Alone
If Today Was Your Last Day
This Afternoon
This Means War
Bottoms Up
When We Stand Together
Edge Of A Revolution
When We Stand Together
She Keeps Me Up
Feed The Machine