Pig Race/Petting Zoo – Ken Jen Zoo

Lindsayfair2013Celebrity Racing Pigs

With music and two feather friends during the pre-show that leads the audience into our Hillbilly Show. The swinemaster is dressed in colourful coveralls and does the introductions of all the animal racers to the audience while the caretaker places the “silks” on the racers and gets them ready to race. We pick out cheerleaders from the audience to “root” on the racers to victory. The race begins with the “Call to the Post” and the sound of a bell and they’re off. All participants and cheerleaders get a ribbon saying, “I went Hog Wild at the Pig Races”. We then follow up with a duck race, Baby Pot Bellied Pigs, mixed animal and pig race, our own Backyard Olympics for volunteers from the audience and one last pig race.

14_mallup08Petting Zoo

Ken Jen Petting Zoo is not just animals. It is made up of many parts, skillfully assembled to create an attractive display, designed for the enjoyment of both children and accompanying adults. We arrive on location with well equipped trucks, smartly decorated. Upon opening the doors of our trucks, fences made of sturdy wood and wire, 17_P60456691are unloaded and promptly set up in a professional and fashionable display creating the mood for the show to follow. When we are working on valuable flooring, plastic sheets can be laid down for protection. The most important ingredient is then added, “The Animals”. They are hand raised from babies so that they are completely tame for the children to feed and pet. They all have their very own names and personalities. We are well staffed, and all staff members are trained and uniformed. They can handle ANY inquiry put before them.