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Queen – Bohemian Queen

BOHENIAN QUEEN – The World’s most Passionate Tribute to QUEEN!

The All-New Theatrical Tribute to the Mighty QUEEN
Attention venue and festival directors: THIS is your new QUEEN Tribute Show: BOHEMIAN QUEEN. The band features a stellar lineup of veteran musicians and performers. This is more than just a “Freddie” show: the entire band consists of world-class musicians, performers and vocalists – this is truly the best Queen cover band, and one show your audiences will love! Check out the stunning rendition of “Barcelona” below and try to imagine the Queen show you booked last year pulling that one off. This band is truly one-of-a-kind!

So Much More Than Just the Best Queen Cover Band for Your Event!
You’ve undoubtedly witnessed at least one Queen tribute band in your lifetime, or presented one or more to your audiences. Most of these shows are simply a “Freddie” without any additional pizzazz.
But that’s where BOHEMIAN QUEEN differs from your typical Queen cover band: every member of this tribute has fronted their own bands, and is an accomplished musician in their own right, with national-act caliber talent.


On the wings of rock & roll, from ’70s London to modern day Los Angeles, comes one of the finest tributes to the world’s most majestic, dynamic, and influential bands of all time… Queen.

Now, all tribute bands are NOT created equal. The best are driven not only to recreate an era but to embody it, and to capture a spirit that entices fans to relive a memory. The power of music brings you back to your youth. Most new fans want to come out and share this authentic ‘vintage’ musical experience with their families and friends!

Bohemian Queen is a national ‘A’ level touring theatrical show providing a full-throttle ‘LIVE’ rock-n-roll concert experience. Comprised of LA’s finest players and voices, no tricks or tracks are allowed! These purist musicians who are true Queen fans, come together to bring to life a classic catalog of songs and melodies, delivering a star-studded performance the way Queen has dazzled arenas and stadiums for decades. It’s a Kind of Magic! Five musicians with coast-to-coast resumes on a mission to be the world’s best and most passionate tribute to Queen.

Many tributes focus on the flamboyant contributions of Freddie Mercury, but all great bands are larger than the sum of its parts, which is why Bohemian Queen showcases a cohesive ‘LIVE’ band, displaying the dynamic musicianship and stage presence from each Queen band member.

Faithfully performing hit after hit, Bohemian Queen delivers a vibrant, energetic show that demands your attention as you smile, dance, and clap to the beat! Everyone LOVES to sing-along with ‘We Will Rock You’, but Bohemian Queen keeps that FUN, interactive spirit alive throughout their entire show!
The influence of Queen crosses cultures, age groups, and music fans who are all searching for human connection in sharing the belief that music can unite us all.

It all starts with the ringleader…
Vocalist Paulie Z channels the soaring vocal power of Freddie Mercury, fearlessly commanding the stage, and LOVES to dress up in Freddie fashion and swagger with multiple costume changes. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, he led his own band ZO2 through a tour with rock heavyweights KISS and Poison, a band which was also chronicled in the IFC comedy series “Z Rock.” Upon moving to Los Angeles, Paulie was also recruited to sing with the legendary UK glam rockers Sweet.

The amps get cranked…
Guitarist Steve Zukowsky, a finalist for the guitar position in the official Queen tribute band Queen Extravaganza, locks in the crunch and harmonies of Brian May. Veteran tribute band royalty, Steve mastered the classic rock greats over a career delivering note-for-note guitar parts of Queen (Sheer Heart Attack), Led Zeppelin (Led Zepagain, Acoustic Graffiti), Pink Floyd (Which One’s Pink?), Heart (Dog N Butterfly), The Rolling Stones and David Bowie (Windborne).

A steady, driving beat…
Originally from Buffalo, southpaw singing drummer Glenn Jost started performing at 15 before moving to New York City played the clubs while working for 13X Grammy-winning engineer Bob Ludwig. Moving to Los Angeles, Glenn carved out an eclectic niche of projects, playing at the Playboy Jazz Festival, drumming on FOX’s hit TV Series Ally McBeal, Dreamgirls, Robin Williams (Improv All-Stars) and relentlessly continues to write, sing, and record his own music ReLoVe on AWAL Recordings.

The grooves get thumping…
Canadian-born bassist Aaron Samson grew up in Los Angeles with the music bug, quickly landing himself on the legendary RCA Records roster and the classic documentary “The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years.” A protege of legendary composer David Foster, Aaron would go on to play with various LA bands as well as rock heroes like George Lynch (Dokken) and Steven Adler (Guns ‘N Roses) and John 5 (David Lee Roth, Marilyn Manson).

All accented with shades of melody…
Keyboardist Victor Bender began his musical life playing the clubs of Colombia at night while assisting at the studio of prominent label Fuentes Records and crafting demos for artists including pop sensation Juanes on Universal Records. Moving to Los Angeles, Victor formed Bender Post and dove into campaigns for major national brands (Coca-Cola, Samsung, Nordstrom, Dawn) and TV and movie studios (Disney, Paramount, Netflix, Sony, Universal, FOX). He already had Queen’s catalog down stone cold, playing the keys in Sheer Heart Attack.

This is the sound you love and remember.

Bohemian Queen delivers the musical virtuosity of Queen, with all the famous elements of the album tracks and iconic imagery recreated with care. Open your eyes and ears and you’re there in the golden era of Queen.

Few bands span generations of fans and bring people together like Queen.

Few bands have the worldwide recognition of Queen.

Few bands have songs that everyone sings at concerts and sporting events in stadiums, arenas, clubs across the world.

No Queen tribute can deliver the songs and showmanship with this level of passion and detail.

Bohemian Queen seeks to deliver the highest caliber Queen show that an audience can experience!

It’s more than just a “Freddie” show, the entire band consists of world-class musicians, performers and vocalists, this is truly the best Queen cover band, and one show you will love! Bohemian Queen features a national-act caliber lineup of muscular musical talent, every member of this theatrical tribute has fronted their own bands, and is an accomplished musician in their own right, with national-act caliber talent! Featuring lead vocalist PAULIE Z (Paul Zablidowsky) as the amazing Freddie Mercury. Paulie Z brings all the theatricality and vocal gymnastics of the late, great Queen front man to life in this ‘LIVE’ rock & roll spectacle.

Song List

Tie Your Mother Down
Stone Cold Crazy
Don’t Stop Me Now
Keep Yourself Alive
You’re My Best Friend
Bohemian Rhapsody
Another One Bites the Dust
Crazy Little Thing called Love
Fat Bottom Girls
We Will Rock You
We Are the Champions
Under Pressure
I Want to Break Free
The Show Must Go On
One Vision
Hammer to Fall
Radio Ga Ga
Somebody to Love

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