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Rat Pack – Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show

There is ONLY one REAL Rat Pack Experience! Produced by Hackett Miller, Inc. and currently in its 10th season, “Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show” is a critically acclaimed musical, theatrical production which has performed to rave reviews by critics and audience members throughout the U.S. Having their own personal connection to the iconic legends they portray, producers, Sandy Hackett and Lisa Dawn Miller can tell this story like no one else.

Sandy Hackett’s father, legendary comedian, Buddy Hackett made entertainment history along with his lifetime pals, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Joey Bishop. “Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show” brings back to life, that magical moment in time that everyone wanted and still wants access to. Joey Bishop (who was ‘Uncle Joey’ to Sandy) said, “Sandy is my first choice to play me. Honestly, I wish I had been that good!”

Producer, Lisa Dawn Miller, has her own personal connection to the Rat Pack. Her father, legendary songwriter Ron Miller, wrote numerous hit songs and standards including, “For Once in My Life” which was recorded and performed by every member of the Rat Pack. Several of Miller’s hits, as well as some newly discovered original songs can be heard in this remarkable production.
Hackett and Miller have created a truly authentic, avant-garde theatrical production based on the musical and comedic legacy of the Rat Pack which captures the relationship, respect, love and laughter of a once- in-a-lifetime moment in history.

Hackett and Miller, armed with their passion and the extraordinary talents of their musical and creative team, plus the comedic genius synonymous with the name Hackett and the musical genius synonymous with the name Miller, “Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show” has earned its place as the most successful live theatrical production of its kind, touring extensively throughout the U.S. in hundreds of performing arts venues to great critical acclaim. This unique and original show makes you laugh, cry and wanting for more! The Las Vegas Review Journal writes, “People will remember ‘Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show’ and want to see it again and again!”

Now audiences can experience this critically acclaimed, hugely entertaining theatrical production which includes exciting new arrangements of classic songs and original, never-before-heard songs written by the legendary, best-selling and multi-platinum award winning songwriter, Ron Miller, along with recorded voiceovers made exclusively for this show by the legendary comedic genius, Buddy Hackett.

With an incomparable cast, “Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show” stars Sandy Hackett as “Joey Bishop,” Lisa Dawn Miller as “Frank’s One Love,” Kenny Jones as “Sammy Davis, Jr.” and Tom Wallek as “Dean Martin.” The extraordinary musical/creative team includes Music Director, Ryan Rose; Art Director, Jeanne Quinn; Lighting Design by Bill Karl and Music Arrangements by Christopher Hardin.

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“How could you not really dig this one? Buddy Hackett’s son, Sandy, has brought the Rat Pack back to life with his wife, Lisa Dawn Miller, who is the daughter of songwriter Ron Miller and it is a sterling tribute to their energy and creativity as well as to the talents of the original members of the Rat Pack.” – ATLANTA CULTURAL ARTS REVIEW

“Sandy Hackett is my first choice to play me. Honestly, I wish I had been that good!” – JOEY BISHOP

“If you can’t make it to Broadway anytime soon, don’t worry, Broadway is coming to you!” – NBC RIGHT NOW!

“The ‘Rat Pack’ really is back with this GREAT production!” – ATLANTA EXAMINER

“Sandy Hackett magnificently and brilliantly portrays the late comedian Joey Bishop. His antics on and off stage keep the audience rolling in the aisles.” – BROADWAY WORLD

“On this night, the theatre had that buzz. It was surreal to see them on stage.” – THE BACKSTAGE BEAT

“You’ll swear that the sounds of ‘Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show’ have conjured up the golden era of Las Vegas.” – ROBIN LEACH, LUXE LIFE

“People will remember ‘Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show’ and want to see it again and again!” – LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL

“‘Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show’ turns back the clock at the Cobb Energy Centre with this critically acclaimed, impressive and entertaining theatrical production!” – THE EXAMINER

“Lisa Dawn Miller portrays ‘Frank’s One Love’ brilliantly and sings Ron Miller’s “Wasn’t I a Good Time” in her incredibly beautiful, soaring voice!” – ATLANTA CULTURAL ARTS REVIEW

“The highlight of the area’s entertainment year!” – PALACE THEATRE ALBANY NEW YORK

“An extremely strong and hugely entertaining show!” – CONTRA COSTA / BANG NEWSPAPERS

“The Rat Pack has really come back to life! I was thoroughly entertained and AMAZED!” – WICHITA EAGLE

“As Joey Bishop, Sandy Hackett was the glue that held the show together. His hilarious stand-up routine had the crowd in stitches!” – TELEGRAM & GAZETTE

“A chill went up and down my spine; did I step back in time when I entered through the door?” – BROADWAY WORLD

“Sandy is hilarious! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” – ROY E. DISNEY

“The interpretations by the actors capture the stage essences of the Rat Pack members in a way that is eerily supernatural.” – SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER

“If you’re looking for authenticity instead of imitation, ‘Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show’ is the one to see.” – TELEGRAM AND GAZETTE

“‘Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show’ is different for two reasons. First: It is not just a revue; it’s a musical with a narrative. Second: Its star actually grew up around Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Joey Bishop.” – YAKIMA HERALD

“The actors have the mannerisms of the icons they portray down pat.” – ATLANTA EXAMINER

“It’s a fresh, exciting take on the musical and comedic legacy of the Rat Pack!” – ROBIN LEACH, LUXE LIFE

“An astonishingly good show!” – SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER

“What you will see is a critically acclaimed, impressive and entertaining theatrical production!” – THE EXAMINER

“‘Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show’ is not a recreation nor is it a tribute show. It’s not what you expect and it’s so much more than you expect!” – THE EXAMINER

“Sandy’s Rat Pack performers… WOW!” – WICHITA EAGLE

“Take a muscle relaxer before the first song finishes, because the sidesplitting humor that is to follow will make your cheeks ache from the constant smile the show puts on the faces of the audience.” – BROADWAY WORLD

“There’s no denying that Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show is ring-a-ding-ding entertaining.” – WICHITA EAGLE

“Sandy Hackett, the son of legendary Buddy Hackett, is brilliant! He had the crowd rolling in the aisles!” – BACKSTAGE BEAT

“Lisa Dawn Miller provided the encore to a rousing standing ovation with an incredibly moving performance of her father’s classic, “If I Could,” an inspirational song about parent-child relationships. It was a magical moment on Mother’s Day.” – TELEGRAM AND GAZETTE

“Sammy Davis, Jr. finished the first half of the show with a beautiful original song written by Ron Miller, one of recent times most renowned songwriters and father of Lisa Dawn Miller, co-star and co-producer of the show. Later, Frank Sinatra did several numbers including another Ron Miller song in duet with Lisa Dawn Miller, “Wasn’t I a Good Time,” brilliantly and passionately sung by ‘Frank’s One Love’.” – THE EXAMINER

“There is a timeless quality to the music, the look and, most importantly, the essence captured by the cast – all of which is conveyed with a wink, a nod and a lot of vocal prowess in ‘Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show'” – ACCESS ATLANTA

“Hackett is dead on as Bishop! His timing is always perfect! He even tailor makes some jokes for Atlanta and brings in modern day references so brilliantly – just like the Rat Pack would have done!” – THE EXAMINER

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