Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival 1The Rio Carnival is a 100% Brazilian based performance, totally unique in its genre with an energy and artistic display rarely seen in the arts. Everything about this performance is extremely dynamic. The Brazilian rhythms will quite simply lift the audience from their seats, the Carnival’s exhilarating tempo overcoming them at every twist and turn. Take our word for it, we’ve exploited the element of surprise to the fullest, due in large part to several displays of costumes and set pieces that will literally take your breath away!

The costumes, very unique because they’re actually imported from Brazil, almost make the whole experience worthwhile all on their own. Adorned with a myriad of vibrant and colorful feathers, these costumes set the tone and atmosphere for what we guarantee will be a room exploding with luminosity and color.

Dances, percussions, songs, costumes, parades…Rio Carnival 2

Out of the ordinary and unconventional in its style and overall look, this spectacle takes all of its ingredients for success and smartly and originally pieces them together, leaving the audience holding its breath from start to finish. All public alike will be amazed and taken aback by the stirring and grandiose nature of the Brazilian Fiesta; inspired by the Rio Carnival itself, a festival known the world over for being synonymous with sun, fun, color and joy…

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