Rush – Lotus Land

Lotus Land 1With an unparalled performance, The American RUSH Tribute Lotus Land brings the force of live Rush to life on stage. Enjoyed by die-hard Rush fans, musicians and casual music listeners alike, the Lotus Land experience has been heralded as the ultimate celebration of the craftsmanship of Rush’s music and spirited performances.

With the true set up and sound of the Canadian power trio, Lotus Land delivers the thrill that people expect when they see Rush in concert. Their performances have wowed sold-out houses in Boston and the surrounding area and their fanbase continues to grow nationally.

Lotus Land 2To highlight their musical career so far, the band had the opportunity to work with D&E Entertainment to perform during the premier of the award-winning documentary Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage. “It was an incredible honor for us,” recalls Lotus Land’s Chris Nelson. “It was like being asked to repaint the Mona Lisa in front of a roomful of art critics.” The band’s success that night secured them as the nation’s premier Rush tribute band.

Each of the Lotus Land band members – Chris Nelson, Bob Chartrand and Mark Dalton – has had their share of notable gigs during their musical careers. Nelson has been the guitarist for Herb Reed and the Platters since 1994 and has played with such performers as DD Martin, Anthony Vitti, The Drifters, The Coasters and Jon Finn. Chartrand and Dalton teamed up early on for two ventures, The Lye and Shiny Green Flies. Together with those bands they enjoyed sharing the stage with such big names as ELO II and The Alarm.

These seasoned musicians don’t take the task of recreating Rush’s music lightly. Says Lotus Land drummer, Dalton, “In this band, we take great pride in being a three piece band whose performance, we feel, will please even the most fanatical Rush fan. In a nutshell, we strive to be the closest thing musically to Rush that anyone has yet heard. Whether or not we achieve this goal will surely remain a matter of opinion. What is far less subjective is the fact that we have dedicated ourselves to this end. When all is said and done, we hope to bring you the music of Rush with a live sound as big and true to form as can be heard anywhere.”Lotus Land 3

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