Speaker – Javed S. Khan

Tuxpi photo editor: https://www.tuxpi.comAn accomplished and highly rated international speaker, Javed S. Khan has been a featured at hundreds of conferences and seminars having spoken to more than 8,000 individuals representing hundreds of organizations.

Possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience in building relationships, marketing, brand development and communications, Javed tailors and delivers main stage messages that resonate with audiences.
Each speaking experience is set to empower the audience with critical strategies guaranteed to positively transform the way they market their business.

In addition to his speaking business, he is the founder of Empression: a marketing services company that works with highly motivated entrepreneurs and organizations – developing and managing marketing programs with a purpose that catch people’s attention, and over the long-term generate results through awareness and support of sales.

He’s a proud father of two awesome kids, Adam and Jasmine and his loving wife, Jennifer.

Audience Testimonials

“I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a Keynote by Javed. WOW! He knows how to work the crowd! Very engaging and answered all questions very professionally. He is also extremely knowledgeable! I am excited to see more from Javed and EMpression!” - Chris Kolinski

“Javed, your engaged and customized style of presenting ‘Actionable Learnings’ has made an immediate impact to my social media strategy & usage. Your preparation of learning about our team members prior to your session & using your findings showed me a different way to move forward with the team I coach. I would highly recommend you to any organization that has had enough of the ‘same old’ stuff…you provided new and specific learnings…Thank you & I hope our paths cross again very soon.” – Scott McMaster

“Javed is an enthusiastic and energetic speaker who keeps you engaged from the beginning to the end of his presentation while driving value at the same time. Javed is a master at his trade and will provide insight and value in his delivery. So grateful that I have been able to sit in on his various presentations through the years, always picking up at least one tip to help me in my career and business.” – Barbara Cook

“Engaging and Different. I had the pleasure of attending two of Javed’s speaking session’s. Javed opened my eyes to the importance of relationship building, and the impact of your own personal brand. He has the natural ability to educate, engage and entertain along with being unique and funny. Everyone in the room walked away with something they can do today, to increase their networking effectiveness. I will search out further events that has Javed speaking and look forward to the next one. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is interested in an amazing speaker like Javed for their next conference or regional event. He makes the perfect Keynote Speaker.” – Karie Papillon

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