Tom Jones – Dave LaFame

dave lafameFrom the initial notes of his opening set to the final bow to his adoring audience, Dave LaFame’s Tom Jones tribute show captures perfectly the glamour, excitement and sizzle of one of the entertainment industry’s brightest stars. Dave LaFame began his career in entertainment more than three decades ago, playing bass guitar and singing with numerous bands in London, England. From there he surged into a successful career onstage, moved to Canada and eventually built up a successful career as an actor, singer and bass player. He amassed numerous credits on television, in film and on stage, and along the way developed a sterling reputation as a hard worker and a team player. In the year 2000, Dave produced a one-man show featuring comedic impersonations of more than 200 musical stars, from Frank Sinatra and Elvis to Freddie Mercury and all three Bee Gees. Although the show was well received from start to finish, it was the rave reviews he received for his impersonation of Tom Jones that led him to expand it into a stand-alone tribute show.

Dave is now considered one of the top Tom Jones impersonators in the world and he has a huge and growing following. He has accumulated an impressive list of awards, including the 2012 Las Vegas Celebrity Impersonators Award for top male entertainer. With an uncompromising dedication to providing outstanding value to every audience he greets, Dave performs in theatres, casinos, cruise ships, private parties and corporate events around the globe. If you are looking for an entertainer with massive charisma and an exquisite ability to replicate the Tom Jones experience for his audiences Dave is it!!! Genuine replication of Tom Jones voice, appearence, performance & stage characteristics in his mid-late 1970’s heyday. Dave possesses a very entertaining personality, larger-than-life stage presence & creates lots of fun, memorable times & comedic moments. “First time I ever heard Dave La Fame, and what a fantastic show. Close my eyes, and thought I was listening to Tom Jones in 1970. remarkable..he is Las Vegas material to a T. Beautiful voice, handsome & hauntingly a “tom Jones” look a like, & entertaining.” Barbara A. H.dave lafame 2