Tropicana Queens

Tropicana Queens1Brazilian Samba Dancers
As one of our most popular acts, Samba brings the sights and sounds of steamy Brazil to your event. This lively, rhythmical dance form was developed in Brazil during the 19th century and is now considered the dance of celebration and joy at Carnival celebrations in Rio de Janeiro and around the world.

All of our performers have trained in traditional samba dance under Brazilian instructors so that your event receives nothing but authenticity and realism, combined with our trademark flair for elegance and glamour.

With the most beautiful costumes in the GTA, our handmade Brazilian Samba costumes come in 10 different colours and styles so that unlike our competitors, you can customise our costume colour to your event theme. Bridesmaids wearing green? We can match them with our Emerald Green costumes. Valentine’s Day event? Why not choose our Ruby Red costumes, or mix and match them with our Brilliant White? The possibilities are endless.

Let the Queens bring the revelry and wonder of Brazilian Carnival to your celebration!

Tropicana Queens2Las Vegas Showgirls
Our Las Vegas Show Girls Performance offers you all the Extravaganza and Glamour a night in Las Vegas can provide. The white, the gold and the silver are the dominant colors of the night, the perfect combination for a 25th or 50th anniversary. Our dancers will dazzle through dance routines of famous songs that you will quickly recognize and love it!

High energy, spicy exotic beats, and bright costumescombined ina fusion of modern day jazz, hip-hop mixed with traditional Bollywood dance steps brings our Bollywood show to life! Our Bollywood songs are some of the most popular tracks on today’s Indian pop charts so they are sure to excite any crowd!

Precise timing, rhythm, and sultry controlled movements are the key elements for this performance. This is a show that will have you dancing in your seat with our infections energy; we promise you won’t be able to stay off the dance floor!

This is the perfect act for when you want to make a statement!

Michael Jackson Tribute
An amazing live tribute to the latest King of Pop performed by our talented Queens!  Travel through time with the best songs of this great artist and his signature moves that will not soon be forgotten!  Don’t be surprised to find yourself in the middle of the dance floor doing the moonwalk with our dancers.

The Great Gatsby Tribute
The old-style Hollywood Gatsby Queens will transport you back to a world of sophistication, glitz and glamour from the 1920s.Our wonderful Gatsby dancers willbring guests into the 1920’s era, perform a sexy, cute and highly entertaining show, followed by interaction with guests to entice everyone to the dance floor.

Classic dance steps like the Charleston, The Lindy Hop, and The Shimmy are carefully combined for a true flapper style experience. Our dancers are all delicately dressed in authentically styled costuming to make your guests feel like they are watching a show straight off the silver screen!

Relive the glamour, joie de vivre, flirtatiousness and luxury of the most sensational decade in the 20th century…the roaring ’20’s!

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